Food and Beverage Rentals

Take care of your guests and put life in your party with our food and beverage service items. Whether putting on a wedding reception, graduation, corporate event or backyard party, we will supply your needs. Choose from a lineup of beverage service or banquet food service items or add the popcorn or sno-cone machine to ensure your guests have a great and memorable time. Lefty’s Tent & Party Rental is happy to provide a wide assortment of food and beverage party rentals no matter the size or scope of your event.

Serve up luxury

As the premier event planning service in Minnesota, we’re pleased to stock a full range of food and beverage rentals and are happy to provide them to your event. Whether you need ornate dishes and serving platters for a wedding ceremony or you’d like to complement a sophisticated birthday soirée with beautiful glasses and stemware, we’re here to help you take things to the next level! Some of our rental options include:

  • Standard Bone China
  • Charger plates
  • Flatware
  • Glassware
  • Fountains
  • Punch bowls

The right food and beverage rentals can go a long way towards changing the entire dynamic of your event for the better—let Lefty’s Tent & Party Rental help you take it to that next level!

Spotless perfection

When you choose our food and beverage rentals, know that you’re getting nothing short of exceptional quality materials each and every time. Every item in our possession is in premier condition and comes looking pristine.

With a full inventory of rental items at our disposal, it doesn’t matter how many plates, wine glasses, water goblets and sets of flatware you need: know that we’ll come through for you.

Contact us

Need help determining how many place settings you need at your next event? Want a gauge on what dishware is necessary for your gathering? Contact our party planning service in Minnesota today by calling 218-245-1387 and speak with one of our experts today to get started on renting food and beverage items!


Standard China
Dinner Plate-10" White (25pk)$20.00
Buffet Plate-9" White (25pk)$13.00
Salad/Dessert Plate 6" White (25pk)$12.00
Cup - White (20pk)$10.35
Saucer - White (20pk)$10.35
Soup Bowls-6" White (10pk)$4.00
Fruit Compote-5" White (10pk)$3.50
Platter-Oval (11" x 13") White$2.00
Platter-Rectangular (18" x 5") White$4.00
Charger Plates
Gold or Silver-13" Round$1.20
Leather-13" Round$1.50
Glass-12" Square$1.75

Note: All food and beverage service items are sanitized and ready for use. They must be returned free of food and in their original containers. Washing is included in the rental cost.


Dinner Fork-Stainless (10pk)$2.85
Dinner Knife-Stainless (10pk)$2.85
Teaspoon-Stainless (10pk)$2.85
Salad Forks-Stainless (10pk)$2.85
Serving Fork-Stainless$1.15
Serving Spoon-Stainless (long handle)$1.25
Serving Spoon-Stainless (slotted-long handle)$1.25
Steak Knives$0.30
Popcorn Scoops-Stainless$1.75
Ice Scoops - Plastic$1.50
Candy Scoops - Plastic$0.25

Note: All food and beverage service items are sanitized and ready for use. They must be returned free of food and in their original containers. Washing is included in the rental cost.


You are not responsible for washing glassware, but it must be packed in its original container upon return.

Beer Pilsner (Ea.)$0.85
Champagne Flute (30pk)$17.25
Red Wine-12oz. (20pk)$10.35
Water Goblets (25pk)$14.35
White Wine-11oz. (25pk)$14.35
Sundae Cups - Glass$1.00


Crystal Punch Bowl-w/stand (11qt.)$15.00
Fountain-Silver (7 gal.) Fountain requires 1 gallon of pulp free liquid circulating at all times$60.00
Lemonade Jars (2 gal.)$4.75


Beverage Pitcher-Clear Plastic (2qt.)$1.00
Beverage Pitcher-Glass (2qt.)$3.00
Beverage Server w/spout-Black (5 gal.)$14.50
Beverage Server w/spout-Black (10 gal.)$17.50
Cooler w/spout-Orange (5 gal.)$6.00
Cooler w/spout-Orange (10 gal.)$8.00
Coffee Urn - Electric (60 Cup)$9.85
Coffeemaker-Electric (100 cup)$12.65
Coffee Servers-White$2.10
Cold Drink Dispenser-Stainless (4 gal.)$8.00
Cold Drink Dispenser - Clear Plastic with removable ice cone (3.5 gallons)$13.00
Super Cooler/Keg Cooler-Blue$12.50
Wine/Water Carafe-Glass (1 liter)$1.35
Beverage Cooler-Black (36" deep, on wheels)$10.50
Portable Bar-Black$45.00
Portable Bar-Blue Portable bars are 4" wide with shelf and 3 individual compartments 20" deep$45.00
Tub Bar (tub in iron stand w/cupholder)$17.25


Ceramic Platter-White (12", oval)$2.00
Ceramic Serving Platter-White (18" x 5") Rectangular$4.00
Chafing Dishes-Silver or Silver w/Gold (8qt.) (Chaffing dishes include 2Ó pan with rental)$19.00
Oval Chafing Dish (Stainless Steel) w/glass lid. Pans included. (4 quart)$15.25
Round Chafing Dish - Stainless Steel w/glass lid. Pans included. (4 quart)$14.25
Food Pan (2")$2.00
Food Pan (4")$3.50
Half Food Pans (4")$2.50
Sterno-6 Hour Burn (Retail)$2.95
Food Warmer/Transport-Black (4 pan capacity) Interior measurments-21 1/2" deep x 13" wide$18.00
Ice Scoops - Plastic$1.50
Popcorn Scoops-Stainless$1.75
Serving Spoon-Stainless (long handle)$1.25
Serving Spoon-Stainless (slotted, long handle)$1.25
Serving Fork-Stainless$1.15
Ice Salad Table w/Legs (44" X 20" X 3 1/2")$20.00
Salad Bar-Black (42", table top)$20.00
Soup Kettle-Electric (11qt.)$18.00
Roaster-Electric (18qt.)$15.00
Serving Bowls-Stainless$3.25
Black Iron Serving Stands with glass bowl inserts - various sizes$3.50
Black Iron Serving Stand with glass plates - 3 Tier$8.00
Serving Platter-Stainless (20", oval)$3.50
Serving Tray w/lip-Stainless (16", round)$3.35
Waiter Tray-Rubberized (22" x 27", oval)$5.00